Your Source for Wholesale Solar Inverters, Solar Modules, and Solar Racking

Tandem Solar Systems is the wholesale solar components division of family-owned Tandem Solar, Inc.. Tandem Solar Systems was created to support hardworking installers of solar systems with solar components at near direct pricing, allowing them to be competitive with the financial institution-backed solar installers.

At Tandem Solar Systems, we sell the wholesale solar inverters and solar modules from the top solar manufacturers in the industry.  Our strategic partnerships with various suppliers allow us to pass along “best in class” pricing, along with specific technical expertise and larger in-stock inventory for all your modules, inverters, and racking requirements.

Many of our customers count on us to be their solar procurement specialists for all of their solar installations, thus eliminating the time requirements from their side… allowing the Engineers time to design and the Installers time to install.  After establishing the customers’ preferred equipment, a simple email or phone call to one of our sales managers will get you all the required equipment at the desired location when you need it at the best pricing among all our wholesale solar competition.  We specialize in procurement and logistics – and to make your life easier.

We also recognize that many customers are choosing to avoid the crazy mark-ups of large solar installers, like Tesla, Sun Run, or Vivint, and choosing instead to do some or all of their solar installation themselves.  We are a great solution for these customers as well.  We offer the lowest pricing on components (Please compare), technical expertise, solar design creation for permitting, as well as a vast rolodex of solar installers that we have worked with, most likely in your area.

At Tandem Solar, we work hard to stay in front of the trends in the solar market so our customers do not have to.  Whether it’s stocking modules ahead of a shortage situation, to bulking up inventory on micro inverters and/or string inverters as lead times increase, to maintaining a safety stock of three phase inverters for commercial projects.  Again – we take these worries away from your business and installations.

Around the industry, we have also quickly gained notoriety for our customer service.  We have dealt with many distributors on our project side of the business that work hard for the large customers and ignore the mid and small businesses.  There were too many times that we were pushed out without communication, forcing us to delay jobs and lose business.  Tandem Solar Systems was created with a focus on customer service and open dialogue.  We do not hide issues from our customers – our customers need to know in order to react.

Tandem Solar Systems is here to help you grow your business and be successful.  With our pricing, relationships, expertise, and customer service, we will help your top and bottom line.  Give us a shot – See what we can do for you today!