Monthly Archives: September 2014

ABB solar inverters are being used on Amcorp Power Sdn Bhd’s Gemas 10.25 Megawatt (MW) PV plant in Malaysia – it is the country’s biggest solar power station.   In a location approximately 160 km from Kuala Lumpur, the solar plant supplies nearly 11% of Malaysia’s installed capacity of 116 mWs of grid-tied photovoltaic (PV).   ABB has supplied some of their their three-phase inverters, the TRIO-27.6 solar […]

MPPT is a common acronym in the solar industry, used by many, and understood by only a few.  It is important to know the definition of MPPT and its function. Doing so can help an installer improve the harvest of energy in his PV install, consequently increasing profits. What Is an MPPT? MPPT stands for […]



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