ABB Solar Inverters | Intersolar Summary and the Summer of Solar

Firstly, Intersolar US was a very positive event, yet again this year. We enjoyed seeing the newest in technology in the solar industry, and shared in the excitement of the future. However, the best part as always, was seeing and visiting our friends and partners in the industry. Many of us in the solar industry have come from different backgrounds and industries, but there is something different in the solar industry. It seems that we are all part of something together, and it’s growing, and we are growing together. Even with most of our competition, they are good people and we are all fighting the same cause. Anyway, it was great catching up with our partners, and we look forward to working with you now and going forward.

On to the booming solar business. It has been a small gap between blogs as we have been going crazy. The rebate program on the ABB micro inverters has been very successful, and we are moving volumes that we have never before seen. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this program, please work with us and we will get you some savings. It’s really a great program with a great product.
Also, we can barely keep modules in stock. We had a good supply of Solarworld 250’s, 275’s, and 280’s, but these are moving quickly as well. In fact, our 280’s have dried up, as they have with other suppliers, and rumor is they are having a tough time manufacturing the 280’s, as the yields are dropping them to 275’s. We still have good supply on the others, and have priced them to keep them moving. Please call us to check in on stock and let us quote some for you.
It is shaping up as a great summer for solar, and it is shaping up to be a crazy few coming months!



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