ABB Solar Inverters

Solar inverters convert DC or direct currents out of a solar panel into a utility usable or alternating current. To gain the power you need for your home, a DC-AC conversion must take place. Solar inverters are necessary to the practical application of solar systems. They are many different off the grid and grid tie inverters available. The type of inverter you purchase depends on the specifics of your solar power system. Solar inverters range from small micro-inverters to megawatt sized central inverters. This range allows consumer to use photovoltaic or PV systems and huge megawatt PBV power plants to use the same technology only in a larger form.

ABB solar inverters provide consumers with over 40 years of experience and continue making advances making power converter technology ready to use. ABB also offers monitoring solutions as well as a worldwide service network that is set to help you gain the most from your power converter investments.

You can utilize ABB solar inverters and connect them to the public energy grid through a junction box. Your solar system and grid tie inverter are designed to lower our energy bill. Choose a micro inverter or a string inverter to tie into you energy system. You can also purchase battery backup inverters to keep you from losing power. Large power inverters that require a central inverter work the same way as residential inverters.

Off-grid inverters are not connected to a public energy system. They are independent energy generators. Energy that is not used immediately is stored in solar batteries and can be accessed for later use. An inverter charger or off grid inverter can be used for any solar energy system that is not attached to the utility grid.

Your off-grid power inverter converts low voltage DC to 120 volts AC that runs appliances and furnaces. It can also charge batteries of an AC generator if you have a totally independent stand-alone system.

A modified sine wave power inverter is an economical type of power inverter. It is used to produce an AC waveform that runs most home appliances. If you can afford a sine inverter, you will have all the clean power you need. This inverter produces much more environmentally clean power than a utility company. It can run any AC equipment, is computer controlled and will automatically turn on and off as AC loads require service.

If you run your solar power system through the utility company power and you just want to add sun power to reduce your electric bill, you only need a grid tie power inverter. A grid tie power inverter will use the electricity that your solar panels manufacture to lower the amount of power supplied by the utility company. This lowers your electric utility bill. One great feature, if you are producing more power than needed, you can sell the excess power back to your utility. If you don’t need power storage, you do not have to purchase storage batteries. This is a very reliable system, but it does depend on the utility company staying in business.



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