About Tandem Solar Systems

Tandem Solar Systems is an employee-owned solar component distribution company, a subsidiary of the Tandem Group of Companies, whom has been in business over 40 years.  Tandem Solar Systems, Inc., established in 2013, was created as the procurement/ distribution division for a close-knit group of solar installers.  As an early distributor in the industry, Tandem Solar was able to create strong relationships and partners with most of the large solar manufacturing companies.  Today, we have maintained and grown those relationships direct to manufacturers, while offering industry best pricing to installers and DIY’s throughout North America.

What Does Tandem Solar do for Solar Installers?

Tandem Solar makes life easier for installers.  We take the solar procurement away from you, thus freeing up time for installations and sales. (The important stuff!)

What is solar procurement, and how does it make your business more productive?

  • Adequate Supply of Inventory at All Times– Installers have different preferences with materials on the job site, so we have a variety of stock.  If you love it and we do not have it, we will get it.
  • Pricing on Par With Industry– We maintain direct relationships with many suppliers and work them on pricing frequently.  This is something an installer doesn’t want to do and shouldn’t have to.
  • On Time Delivery– Tell us where you want it and when you want it, and we will do the rest.  Our logistics team pinpoints delivery dates/ times to help you be most productive.  Those trips back and forth to the shop are eliminated. Those days watching for freight trucks is eliminated. Everything is there when you need it, whether at your shop or the job site.
  • Technical Support– Our staff is well trained, and can answer many questions.  If they are unsure, we have onsite engineering support.  And if they are unsure (rare), we have excellent relationships with the manufacturers and can get answers quickly.  This means no more waiting on hold and pushing “3” for technical support anymore.
  • Customer Service– In a nutshell, we are here for you.  Our customer service will be noticeable the first time you work with us.  Let us prove it to you.  We will.


The hardest thing to do as a business owner is to know when to release some of the responsibilities.  We are here to make that transition as easy as possible.  One phone call – tell us what you want, where you want it, when you want it, and that’s it.  You do not have to worry about getting the best deal, or ensuring stock is available.  All those worries are gone when you use Tandem Solar as your solar procurement specialist.  Let us prove it to you today.

Also, for installers, we have many customers that have purchased components from us or elsewhere, and are looking for a trusted installer.  Once we have worked with you a few times and seen pictures of your work, we will add you to our growing installer network.  This means installations with no cost of sales.  Good stuff for everyone!


What Does Tandem Solar do for Do It Yourself People?

Tandem Solar does not believe in price gouging.  Solar is a green energy that should be available to everyone at the lowest cost possible.  While certain installers mark up the equipment, or limit their offering to certain products, we can look objectively at your project and offer you the best solution possible, without outside pressures.  We do not only sell, LG, or REC, but we stock over 10 panel manufacturers.  Different sizes and prices as there are many different solutions.  Same goes for inverters.  The same also goes for racking, and balance of system.  We are here to help you figure it all out, and are happy to come up with the best solution for YOUR project, as well as the best cost.  Please shop us to figure it out yourself as well!

Additionally, we offer the full solution to you.  We will provide whatever equipment works best for your budget and project, and also, the solar design package needed to obtain your solar permit.  As stated before, we can even share a list of trusted installers in your area.

Most of all, if you buy the equipment from us and use one of our installers, I promise you that we will beat the price of the guy that stopped you in Home Depot or at the mall.  Please give it a chance – your bank account will thank you!


Please contact us via phone, 855-385-4007, or via email at info@tandem-solar.com with any questions.  We are here to help!