AP Systems “Summer of $16K” Promotion | Tandem Solar

ap systems microinvertersAP Systems has officially launched their “Summer of $16K” rebate program, and it’s a good one. Here is a summary of the program details:

Purchase and install at least 20 AP Systems microinverters (all models are eligible) and then register your installation(s). Rewards are based on tiers and as you install more systems, your total grows and your rebate grows with it.

Start out with a $20 rebate per microinverter, and once you reach 50 units installed, you’re getting $30 for each additional microinverter you install.

Will you do more than 15 residential installations this summer? If so, you might hit the top tier! After 250 micros installed, you’re getting $40 back per unit – that’s $560 in your pocket on an average residential installation. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also get an additional $500 for trying out the APsystems YC1000 three phase microinverter (min. 15kw system).

That brings the summer’s rewards to $16,000 from APsystems!

See the rebate registration website at www.summer16k.aplus-rewards.com for complete program details, terms and conditions, or email aplus@APsystems.com. If you’re not already registered, visit usa.apsystems.com/resources training for next steps on becoming a certified APsystems installer.

Like I said, the program is great. If you were on the fence about AP Systems, and still stuck spending more money installing Enphase, now is a great time to give AP Systems a shot.

For more information on AP Systems, please give us a call at 855-385-4007.



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