APS Micro Inverters | New Rebate Program!

APS_YC500AWow… October already!  This year is flying by as we quickly approach the holiday season.  Of course, us in solar know, the holiday season also means busy season for us.  As end users start to examine their upcoming tax bills, the solar federal tax credit looks more and more attractive.

Over the back half of this year, we are seeing more and more installers move from Enphase and ABB Micro Inverters over to APS Micro Inverters.  The 30% inverter savings per project are real, and are adding to the bottom line for these installers in the very competitive solar environment.

Now, through the end of the year, APS (Now AP Systems) is offering a very appetizing rebate special.  There is some fine print, but the summary is $100 rebate per installation with $500 after the third installation!  As a reminder, here are their main sales points:

–          25 year warranty option

–          Trunk cable included

–          Works with 60 and 72 cell modules

–          Now HECO approved for Hawaii

–          Warranty program match Enphase

–          ~30% savings against competition

–          New rebate program adds more savings

Our job here is to let you know about these specials when we see them, so here you go.  We also do stock Enphase and ABB Micros, along with all the top-tier string inverters, so we have you covered!

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