ENPHASE IQ7, IQ7+, and IQ7X Available and In Stock

ENPHASE IQ7, IQ7+, and IQ7X Available and In Stock

As most of you know, Q4 became a great challenge to us and many installers across the United States.  Enphase fell behind on their supply, due mostly to a component availability issue, and we experienced major shortages throughout most of Q4 2018.  This actually bled into the beginning of this year, and it has taken until the end of January to pull out of it.

We received a large shipment that allows us to stock all three micro versions, the IQ7, IQ7+, and IQ7X.  We have heard that there are still shortages out there with many suppliers, but we are able to fulfill all orders of residential quantities.  If you are looking for a larger quantity, please reach out to us and we will see what can be done.

Thank you again for all your patience through this disruption, but we are now in good shape to begin 2019.  Happy New Year!



Easy to Install

  • Lightweight and simple
  • Faster installation with improved, lighter two-wire cabling
  • Built-in rapid shutdown compliant (NEC 2014 & 2017)


Efficient and Reliable

  • Optimized for high powered 96-cell* modules
  • Highest CEC efficiency of 97.5%
  • More than a million hours of testing
  • Class II double-insulated enclosure
  • UL listed


Smart Grid Ready

  • Complies with advanced grid support, voltage and frequency ride-through requirements
  • Remotely updates to respond to changing grid requirements
  • Configurable for varying grid profiles
  • Meets CA Rule 21 (UL 1741-SA)


* The IQ 7X is required to support 96-cell modules.