Enphase S280 Has Arrived

enphase_S280I think it was sometime at the beginning of the year when we first started fielding questions about the Enphase S280’s arrival date.  It was widely known that Enphase had a coverage gap when it came to the larger panels, especially when the higher powered 60 cell and 72 cell panels gained popularity in 2015.  Furthermore, it was an issue when their competition, namely APS and ABB, had product to accommodate these panels.  Installers knew and trusted Enphase, but struggled for a solution as the market shifted to higher wattage solar panels.

Enphase built up quite a lead in the micro inverter market.  Their quality and customer service are legendary, and installers proved willing to pay for that kind of service.  It had been a while since their competition could get any punches in against Enphase, but this gap in coverage had lowered Enphase’s gloves a bit in the fight.

Their counterpunch has finally arrived:

The Enphase S280-60-LL-2-US, along with a couple of new Envoy options, will hit our inventory November 1, 2015.  The design looks sleek, and we expect the performance to be consistent with everything that comes from Enphase.  Needless to say, we are very excited!

We have begun taking orders for these new micro inverters today, and have sold 120pcs in this first day.  It seems the market is ready for the latest Enphase punch in the micro inverter fight.  The Enphase S280 release date is finally here!!

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