Enphase S280 is Here!

A New Toy

If you ever need a reminder of what pure excitement looks like, watch a child open a birthday present to reveal the one item that they had been praying for day and night.  This happened recently for me as my son had been obsessing over the new Darth Vader “large” action figure.  When I say obsessing, I mean a very severe case of it.  At other times of the year, he would do household chores relentlessly until he saved up enough money to buy it himself.  However, when it’s his birthday month, he is not allowed to buy anything for himself.  Instead, he could only resort to joining me in every trip to Target to make sure they were still there and to play with the action figure (in its box) up and down the aisles of Target.

At last, his birthday had arrived and it was present time.  He had made quite an impressive stack of presents, mostly from his birthday party friends, but it was easy to see he wasn’t completely satisfied.  You see, the “large” Darth Vader action figure was a large item, and the box was very specific.  None of these boxes matched the dimensions he was looking for, and I watched him scan the gifts in the pile again and again.  Finally, he asked me, “Is everything here?”  I told him there might be another one or two later.  His eyes lit up again, just as they did in the aisles of Target.

Needless to say, he played the part very well of a boy who was thankful for every present and that every present was better than the last.  However, when his friends cleared out and only a mess of bloated family stuffed with pizza and cake and wrapping paper and empty boxes remained, we brought out the prize.  He opened it and loved it instantly.  It was his, and his happiness was overwhelming.  I was so happy for him.  I was so happy that he could feel that much happiness.  I tried to remember the last time I felt that myself.

I tell this brief story because we shipped our first batch of Enphase S280s yesterday, and a customer called us this morning basically tripping over himself.  He said it was like Christmas morning when UPS arrived at his shop today.  He has an installation to do tomorrow and this weekend with them, but today he was just going to admire it.

We have sold over 600 of our 1000pcs already, and we are actively shipping them.  If you want to be the first kid on your street with this new toy, please make sure to get your order in soon.  It is an awesome product.

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