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enhphase-logoIt was a few days ago when we had our internal training on the new Enphase S280 Micro Inverters.  Then, last Monday, the product was finally added to our database, with pricing and information finally in the system.  Yesterday, we wrote a quick blog announcing its arrival.  Then, today, we were told that we need to start taking orders on the product now as we have already sold 25% of what we have coming in on November 1st for the initial launch.  So, as of now, we are taking pre-orders on these Enphase S280’s.  Like I said yesterday, we will receive these inverters on the 1st of November.

As a reminder, here is a link to the datasheet on the new Enphase MicroInverter, the Enphase S280-60-LL-2-US.

In other news, it looks like we will have a gap on the Solarworld 260W Silvers, as we were told our next availability will be late this year.  As of now, we have the Solarworld 260W Blacks available, at a couple cents more per module.  We still do have the Solarworld 285W panels, along with LG and Canadian Solar modules.  Although, as you know, there are no guarantees in this business, and when a certain panel is sold out, the demand moves elsewhere, because solar does not stop!

Please contact us for more details on any Enphase microinverters or our solar panel supply.

Thanks very much for visiting Tandem Solar and for your continued business!

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