Looking For a Local Thousand Oaks Solar Professional?ROI

Do You Want to:

  • Eliminate your rising electricity bill?
  • Work with a local company that cares about you and our community, not their corporate profitability?
  • See your return on investment in less than five years?
  • Choose your components from the best manufacturers and pay wholesale prices?



Have you been approached in Home Depot or Costco by a company trying to convince you to buy solar?  Have your dinners or family time been interrupted by solar sales calls?  Have you sat through an appointment or two?  You are not alone.  I am in the solar industry, and already have solar on my home, and I am still bothered at least weekly by one of these solar tactics.  So, why are these sales people everywhere?  The truth is, solar makes sense.  With the time of Return on Investment at an all-time low, it is very easy to prove a case for solar for nearly every homeowner, especially in Southern California, and especially in a great spot to go solar Thousand Oaks!



  • Dollar SighHere’s How We Save you Significant Money:

  1. We work with you to determine the right equipment for your installation, with respect to your preferences, budget, roof space, etc.  The large installation guys typically have limited equipment options, and try to fit your custom installation into their available options.  We don’t push any manufacturer on you – we help determine what is best for you.  Then, we get you the equipment at wholesale prices, without the installer mark-up!
  2. We will then create and develop the permit package for your custom design.   When complete, we will email you a PDF version of your permit package, and you take it to the permitting agency to apply for a solar permit.  In Ventura County, they are quick to turn these around, and you should have a permit back in only a few days.
  3. During the above process, we will they recommend a few Thousand Oaks solar installation professionals that we have worked extensively with whom have done countless solar installations in the Conejo Valley and Ventura County.  These solar installers are aware of the process, and will quote you for “solar installation only” price, which will avoid all the other built in costs from the national guys and save you significant money – sometimes over 30% or more!  Of course, you don’t have to use our recommended installers – you can use anyone that you want… even do it yourself!
  4. Please give us a call today – we will show you how much money you will save with solar, and how much money you will save going with this method.  You have nothing to lose!  Lets go solar Thousand Oaks!