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Are you ready to make the move to solar?


More and more Americans are going solar every year. Per SEIA/ GTM research:



That is what a growth chart should look like! So what is driving this growth?



When you factor in the rising costs of electricity, it seems like the best time ever to get solar… and it is! However, with a little bit of work from the homeowner, there are a lot more savings out there.

With a little bit of work from the homeowner, there is a lot of money to save! Here’s how (again, SEIA)



This year, the average quoted PV price is $3.25 per watt. Here in California, with the higher labor rates, we see residential installations at $4.00 per watt, or higher. Going with one of the large installers, they will want to charge you $4.00/W and finance you over 20 years! Many of you may have even received a quote from these guys and can verify my figures. They use you to cover their high overhead. The key is to avoid these guys and put some of the items together yourself – it’s well known in the solar industry… they count on the end users to be naïve and not shop around.


Here’s How It Works:

First of all, everyone should source their own equipment. Do some research, determine what kind of system you want, and buy it direct from a solar wholesaler. Click this link to VIEW SOLAR KITS.

Next, find someone to install your solar system and get the package prepared for permitting. We offer a design service starting at $400, CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS. With this permit package in hand, you can apply for a solar permit from your local permitting office – Once you choose your installer, they can do this for you as well. In a couple weeks, you will have the permit in hand, and be ready to go.

Finally, call local solar installers, and even electricians and Heating/ AC companies, and get some quotes. We have a large network of trusted installers all around the US – please email us if you would like a couple of recommendations. Once you choose the installer, let them go to work.


This is the process for getting solar cheaply, but let’s look at the savings:

For example, let’s look at a 5KW system. Using our Canadian Solar/ APS solar kit, the materials will cost $1.39/W, or $6950 for the total material cost. This is for brand new, highly reputable solar equipment that will compare very favorably in the industry.

Finally, installation of a 5KW system by a licensed reputable installer will run between $0.80-$1.25/ W, depending on the area you live. This must include a warranty from them on workmanship, around 10 years. If we split the middle and say $1.00/ W for installation, it would be $5000 for the installation and warranty.


Here’s the math:


Materials: $6,950

Permit: $400

Installation: $5,000


Total is $12,350, or $2.47/W. Now look at the chart above – $3.25/W on average.


By going this route, you would save $0.75/W, or $3,750 on a small 5KW project!!


Factor in the Federal Tax Rebate of 30%, your system would cost you $8,200!! Look at your bill, and factor your payback. Less than you thought, right?


If you need financing, plenty of credit unions will offer you financing at a much lower rate than these solar companies are trying to sell you on.