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LG300N1K-G4After a few sessions of researching washing machines on Amazon.com, reading countless reviews (That may or may not be real), I was ready to head to Best Buy to see and touch some of the machines I had been reviewing.  Most of the major players were represented at Best Buy, and I looked at them, machine by machine, while checking my smartphone at the same time to remind myself of the reviews.

I found myself gravitating towards certain brands while dismissing others, somewhat driven by reviews, but also some internal biases I carry with me.  For example, Electrolux is very well reviewed, and it looked great while checking all the boxes (warranty, capacity, etc).  However, I used to work for a company of whom Electrolux was a customer, and I remember them gouging us on pricing more than any other customer.  Bad taste… dismiss.  Then there was Samsung, whom had some of the best reviews.  I remember my Dad fixing an old Samsung receiver in the garage many Saturdays during my youth, cursing the “cheap machine” over and over again.  My Dad would work 50 hours per week, and on weekends he wanted to listen to The Stones while decompressing.  But these days, he would be fixing this Samsung receiver.  So, Samsung, you are out, too.

I kept coming back to the LG washing machines.  They were reviewed well, like many of their competitors, but somehow I knew that this was the right choice.  I had an LG dryer a few years ago, and I never had any issues with it.  I think I retired it due to old age, but nothing against the machine.  And now, that reliability was what I wanted with my new washing machine.  I had them deliver the LG the next week.

Fast forward to today, in the solar business, and we have a great partnership with LG and carry their entire line of LG MonoX and NeON solar panels.

In the solar industry, as you likely know, things are very fluid.  A couple years ago, Yingli was the largest panel manufacturer in the world.  This last financial quarter, they appear to be on the verge of insolvency.  These things change quickly.  Additionally, there are a lot of start-up panel manufacturers that jump into the market with dirt cheap panels, and then disappear within a year or two.

This is not an issue with LG.  LG will be there in the morning when you wake up.

Many of our installers have moved over to LG in the past few months.  Why?

“Efficiency and size”

“Name Brand”

“You always have them in stock”

The last comment from an installer in Arizona made me laugh, but it’s so true.  While we struggle to understand when we will have stock of Solarworld, Q-Cells, and others, LG delivers to us when they say they will.  Our customers have noticed.

Anyway, if you haven’t looked at LG panels before, take a quick look.  Their Neon line of mono panels is a great combination of performance/efficiency and price.

As always, we are here to answer your questions about LG panels or anything else solar.

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