LG Solar Panel Prices

The LG Solar Panel market continues to pick up steam.  Looking back on sales figures for the past 6 months, we have sold nearly triple the number of LG Solar Panels than we had for the previous 6 months, even factoring in the uptick in overall business.  If our wholesale business is any indication, then LG is gaining market share, and gaining it quickly.  This is a very good development for LG, but also for us and for you as well!

If you are unfamiliar with LG Solar Panels, their panels are some of the highest efficiency/ highest quality in the industry, with a price that is far less than their SunPower competition.  As the price for the LG Solar panels continues to come down, it will be hard to go in another direction for your solar panel requirements.

We were lucky to partner with LG early, and carry inventory of their full-line of panels.  Furthermore, our pricing on LG panels is considered the lowest on the internet.  Please find a snapshot of the models, with datasheets, and pricing below:

LG275N1C-G3 NeON 275W: $250

LG280N1C-G3 NeON 280W: $273

LG300N1K-G4 NeoN 300 Mono BLK/BLK: $336

LG310N1C-G4 NeON 310W Mono: $346

LG315N1C-G4 NeON 315W Mono: $350

Please contact us at any time to get more information on this outstanding line of solar modules or to lock in your purchase.


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