New Canadian Solar Modules Making Unique Mark | Tandem Solar

The new line of Canadian Solar Mono Panels have hit the market, and they are now in space that is relatively unoccupied. They are filling a need in the market, and we are moving a ton of them as a result. Let me explain what is happening.

The Canadian Solar 275W Mono Black Frame Panel, part number CS6K-275M, has arrived and it looks great. This 270W-290W Mono 60 Cell market has long been dominated by Solarworld, sitting around the $0.90/W range. The Solarworld 60 cell panels pair nicely with the Enphase or AP Systems line of micro inverters, and have remained at the top of our best seller list.

When we first got word that Canadian Solar was going to put out mono panels in that same wattage range, we were definitely intrigued by a less expensive Solarworld alternative. However, when the pricing came across in the $0.70’s/ W, we were shocked at the value for the price. There is just nothing on the market that can compare to this line of panels.

Also, as with most Solar manufacturers and their warranties, the viability of the company always plays a large role. Well, Canadian Solar is one of the most consistent and profitable solar companies in the industry. They seem to be incredibly well managed, and they consistently turn a profit (looking at you Enphase!). The bankability of the company is another strong consideration with these panels.

To quickly summarize, the new Canadian Solar line of Mono panels has arrived, and it is a hit! To add fuel to the fire, we have just launched a summer sales promotion with these panels, with a sales price at $0.74/W. That’s right – $0.74/W for a 275W Mono Black frame panel. To take it one step further, we are running a special with AP Systems micro inverters, that pair very nicely with these panels. The cost of materials for the value using these two products will be something not seen before in the industry. It’s time to take advantage!

As always, thank you for your interest and business with Tandem Solar.



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