New Microinverter Challenger | APS Microinverters

The microinverter battle has pretty much been a slaughter the past few years.  Despite a consistent lack of profitability and challenges from high-powered opposition like ABB and SMA, Enphase has sat comfortably on the Micro Inverter throne.

Lately, we have been seeing a large increase of call volume and orders requesting APS.  While SMA and ABB are much bigger companies, and their Micros had some benefits over Enphase (Larger Voltage Ranges), APS is gaining more traction than nearly anyone before them.  WHY?

For starters, APS offers a disruptive technology.  Micro Inverters were stuck in the One Micro per One  Solar Panel mode, and all companies offered a modification of this strategy.  However, APS introduced two models, YC500A and YC1000A, that are changing the game.  The YC500A micro inverters is one micro per two panels and the YC1000A is one micro per four panels.  We have heard from many installers that have moved to APS that this reduces installation time by a good bit.  Quicker installation saves cost!

Additionally, APS offers other cost savers as well.  The APS micros work well with both 60 and 72 cell modules, including Solarworld and LG (higher wattage/voltage).  Also, the truck cable, which is a big cost drain with the other companies, is included with the microinverter cost.

Customers are seeing a 20-30% reduction in inverter costs, which is quite a big number!  Just think of the way you could quote a project against what an installer quoting Enphase or ABB could offer.

All in all, please check out APS and what they are up to.  Have a look at the APS installation video below.



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