Panasonic HIT 325 Now Available


Panasonic Solar Panels have finally arrived.

When we heard that Panasonic had a product that was going to battle LG and Sunpower at the pinnacle of the solar module market, we were skeptical. Not to say that the previous Panasonic panels were bad – they were not. We have a couple customers that were very happy with the Panasonic product in the past, and used them on most of their installations. However, it now seems that they are now ready to play with the big boys, like the Sunpower 330W and the LG 320W.

The new Panasonic N325 HIT, feature a 325W 96 cell module, in the same shell as a conventional 60 cell panel. The VBHN325SA16 come in a slightly larger shell than the LG 320, but come equipped with a 19.7% module efficiency, along with a 15yr workmanship, 25 year output warranty. The complete specification detail is available on this datasheet.

The price is coming in a bit higher than the LG320, and will likely need to close the gap to take off in the current market like LG has. However, it’s great news that another major company has entered the market with a good product – one that we can select with security that the warranty will be covered through the duration with bankability.

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