Power-One Micro 0.3HV Is Almost Here!!

micro-0.3The tentative release date is early June for the upcoming MICRO-0.3HV-I-OUTD-US-208/240, and the demand is already very strong and seems to be getting stronger by the day. Judging from the samples that have already hit the market, along with the performance results seen from a site in Hawaii, these Micros are going to be the next big thing to hit the solar market.
The Micro 0.3HV allows pairing with larger modules, to maximize the output of your application. In the Power-One sample studies, they paired the Micro 0.3HV with the SPR-327 module, and then compared it with an Enphase inverter paired with LG panel. The results were astounding: 45% higher power on the roof, 28% increase in energy production, and up to 42% higher peak power production!

Power-One has a small slide presentation about their new High Voltage Micro Inverter that you can find via this link.

Please stay tuned to tandem-solar-systems.com, as we will have the MICRO-0.3HV-I-OUTD-US-208/240 available right when it hits the market, and for the lowest price.


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