Power-One Renewable Energy Business to Transition to ABB Brand Name

What was inevitable when ABB acquired Power-One’s Renewable Energy Business last year is finally taking shape now.  In May, like right now, the Power-One brand – the second largest inverter company in the world – will now carry the ABB nameplate.  Click here to read the ABB press release.

At the end of the day, especially for our customers, nothing will change at all, besides the nameplate.  The current product offering, including the product names, will remain intact, as will the product certifications.

Overall, the combination of ABB’s balance sheet with Power-One products and engineers will create an exciting future of solar inverters and monitoring systems.  We are very excited for the future, and this is just the first step, though admittedly, the most difficult to get used to.

Power-One and ABB will be aligned at the solar shows around the world this year:

  • Solar Expo (Milan May 7-9)
  • Intersolar (Munich June 4-6)
  • PV America (Boston June 23-25)
  • Intersolar NA (San Francisco July 8-10)


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