When Tandem Solar Systems was created, our customer base consisted of about 99% solar installers. We did not exclude “DIY’s”, but there just weren’t very many of them. Only a few years ago, the average consumer was new to solar, and most had to be educated about solar before the discussion began of putting it on their homes.
Well, times have sure changed. Phone calls and emails from DIY’s have grown considerably, and the common consumer knows, at minimum, the basics of solar. They know their preferred panel, after doing research, as well as the specific inverters and racking they want. They have watched Youtube videos and read installation manuals, and they are ready to give it a shot. However, there is a common problem that most run into… they need a solar design to submit for a patent.
In the past, for some of our installers, we had a sub-contractor that would assist with the design process. This worked for a while, but at a typical cost of $700+, and a leadtime of 1-2 weeks, it became unsustainable in today’s market for our installers, due to the competitive landscape. We needed a new solution for our customers.
After a lengthy process, we have secured our own, full-time, solar design service. This service is available for both installers and DIY’s alike, with coverage throughout the United States. Most of our designs are completed within 3 days. Best of all, this service is available at $300 per design! For $300, you will have specific plans to take to the permitting office to come away with a permit.
There is not a lot of small print here, but obviously, this is for standard residential projects. Also, we will work with you on changes, but will have to charge after 2 free changes/ alterations. Other than these two items, you can have your solar project designed for only $300!
We are very excited to offer this service, and look forward to be working with you on your projects. If you are interested, please follow the link below, fill out the information, and email the document back to
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