Solar Inverters

power-one-inc-logoabbPower-One, recently purchased by the ABB Group,  had been in business for >40 years and was one of the world’s largest providers of reliable power conversion and power management solutions, and was the second largest manufacturer of grid-tie solar inverters globally.

ABB has carried on that tradition with the same full range of photovoltaic products, from small residential to large utility-grade installations.  Renowned in the industry for having some of the most efficient, technically advanced, and robust products, their affordable pricing delivers a strong player in the solar industry.  Along with their strong current portfolio, ABB/Power-One has recently brought to market a 250w and 300w Micro Inverter series, and will add a 7Kw and 8Kw to their string portfolio early in 2014.  Moving to larger installation, The three-phase and Trio products are game-changers in commercial installation, along with the strong line of Central inverters and the new ULTRA product line.

Tandem Solar has a strategic partnership with ABB that allows many benefits that we pass along to our customers.  Some of these benefits include top-notch pricing, technical support, higher stock levels, shorter lead times, and more.  If you have not yet taken advantage, please create a profile on our site and we will get started building our mutually-beneficial relationship today!