ABB Solar Inverters Formerly Power-One

abbpower-one-inc-logoThank you for inquiring about Power One Solar Inverters and ABB Solar Inverters.  Power-One products have been rebranded to ABB. Here you can learn about the full line of solar power inverters by ABB, formerly Power-One.  From micro inverters to central inverters, Tandem Solar Systems is your source for distribution, procurement, and training.

ABB Micro Inverters:

The new ABB MICRO-0.25-I-US AND ABB MICRO-0.3-I-US Micro-Inverters from the line of ABB solar inverters are a superior entry into the exploding Micro Inverter space.  At >96.5% efficiency, the larger 250w and 300w Micro-Inverters pair with the larger solar panels, making them ideal for residential, and even commercial, installations. With Micro-Inverters, the solar panels can be controlled individually and offer the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for each panel.  Also, with a Micro-Inverter installation, a low-performing module will not affect the complete system, maximizing performance of the system at all times.  The added flexibility with system design and timing of cost make the Micro-Inverter solution very attractive intoday’s solar market, and the ABB solar inverters line is as good as it gets. The videos below will illustrate the simple installation, along with the monitoring system that can be collected via wireless communication with the PVI-CDD. The data sheet is available below.

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ABB PVI-5000 and PVI-6000:

Designed for small commercial PV and residential installations, ABB solar inverters PVI-5000 and PVI-6000 fill a specific area of need in the ABB solar inverters product line that caters to installations which produce between 5kw and 25kw. These inverters have all the usual benefits of an Aurora inverter, like dual inputs for two strings with independent MPPTs, high speed, accurate, MPPT algorithm for live energy tracking and harvesting, in addition to transformerless operation for high efficiency ratings of up to 97%. Wide input range of voltage makes these solar inverters usable for low power installations with lower string size. These outdoor inverters have been designed as completely sealed units that can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

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ABB PVI-3.0 PVI-3.6 PVI-3.8 and PVI-4.2

Among the most common residential inverters this line of ABB solar inverters are sized perfectly for an average sized home. These single-phase string inverters work well with the average number of solar panels on rooftops, allowing homeowners to get more efficient energy utilization for their property size.

These durable outdoor inverters have been designed as completely sealed units to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Among the key benefits of these inverters is the dual MPPT inputs to utilize two strings with independent MPPT which is useful for installations on east and west facing rooftops. The high tech MPPT provides live power tracking and better energy utility. This transformerless process gives highest efficiency ratings of up to 96.8%. Wide input voltage capability makes these inverters perfect for a low power installation with smaller string size.

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ABB TRIO-20.0 and TRIO-27.6

These ABB solar inverters are ideal for small to large commercial solar projects.  Commercial PV systems using TRIO-based architecture can reduce installation costs by 40 percent or more. TRIOs are a modular option with models at 20.0kW and 27.6kW. They can be utilized alone for 20kW systems or united as building blocks in a larger commercial scale projects. With dual independent MPPTs and a top industry efficiency of 98.2 %, The TRIO offers an elite level of harvested energy. The flat curves offer higher efficiency ratings at all levels of output assuring reliable performance through the full input voltage as well as output range.  Using a fanless cooling system without electrolytic capacitors, This inverter is made for a lengthy life of service.

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