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The high-performance VSN700 Data Logger provides simple and quick commissioning with device discovery and automatic IP addressing as well as remote management features.  This SunSpec compliant data logger records data and events from inverters, energy meters, weather stations, and other photovoltaic plant devices and acts as an Internet gateway to send the data securely and reliably to the Aurora Vision. Plant Management Platform for performance monitoring, condition monitoring and data reporting.

The VSN700 Data Logger is also available integrated in turnkey solutions, such as VSN730 Solar Monitoring Systems.

Three performance levels

The VSN700 Data Logger comes in three levels of performance that fit into anybody’s budget and usage:

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aurora_loggerData Logger

VSN700-01 Data Logger Residential are solar monitoring systems for any residential customers that only have the need to track up to 5 single phase inverters.

VSN700-03 Data Logger Commercial are cost saving solar monitoring systems for smaller commercial installs up to 10 single or three phase strings as well as a weather station (VSN800).

VSN700-05 Data Logger Max solar monitoring systems allows for customer data management, inverter commands and controls for commercial or utility PV system operation, including SCADA integration.



All models of VSN700 Data Logger include:

 −− Data management system with serial and Ethernet ports for data and event logging

−− Quick installation and fast plugn-play commissioning with device discovery mechanism

−− Network Provisioning with dynamic IP addressing (DHCP client and server)

−− Reliable and secure transmission of operational data to Aurora VisionPlant Management Platform

−− Remote configuration and management capabilities, including firmware upgrades over the Internet using Aurora Vision. Plant Portfolio Manager

−− Simple end-user UI using Aurora Vision. Plant Viewer 2 ABB solar inverters | Product flyer for VSN700 Data Logger


Additional highlights

 VSN700-05 Data Logger (Max) includes the following additional functionality:

−− No software limitation on number of devices logged

−− Limitation is set by memory and bandwidth usage

−− Modbus TCP server using SunSpec compliant Modbus maps for easy SCADA system integration, data collection, and inverter command execution

−− Support for most ABB inverters, meters, smart combiners and weather stations

This data management system for home PV system operations will collect data from up to 5 ABB inverters, log it to the site, and acts as an internet gateway to send the data in near real time to be stored on ABB’s servers where it is accessible via a web browser.

The compact enclosure saves space and allows installation in unobtrusive and obscure places. Fast installation and timely provisioning (Including DHCP client for Auto IP assignment) create an “out-of-the-box” excellent solution.

The Ethernet connection sends reliable and secure transmissions of time-stamped data as well as CRC checks to halt tampering.

120VAC – 12 VDC power supply included.



Aurora System Monitor

Aurora System Monitor is a abbreviated version of the Aurora Plant Manager with basic features ideal for small to mid-sized commercial projects. The Aurora Logger Commercial, which is included, monitors and provides data management for up to ten Power-One strings as well as  one weather  station.


The ASM is among the more cost effective turnkey solutions, containing  a logger and internet gateway in an enclosure with power supply line as well as a  communication line surge protector.



Aurora Plant Manager

The Aurora Plant Manager is a customer premise data acquisition and communication system for a large range of commercial and utility PV plant solutions. The ease of installation, along with options for revenue grade metering, collection and communication of operational data, creates a  flexible platform to fit the monitoring needs of a wide variety of PV plant designs. The Aurora Logger Max has, in addition to sending monitored data to Aurora Vision, an added function of providing a modbus interface.


The APM has many configurations creating the necessary to monitor energy production and interoperability with system balancing equipment such as grid-tie inverters, string combiners, metering, environmental systems. Used with Power-One’s String Inverters, Central Inverters, Aurora Vision web-based management solutions, or Aurora Environmental, the APM helps simplify the management of the system and assists in maximizing energy harvest of  all types of PV plants

Aurora Plant Manager includes:

  • Data management system with serial and Ethernet ports to provide data logging for meters,  inverters, and other sensors
  • RS-485 repeater w/ galvanic isolation
  • 24 VDC, 5A power supply
  • NEMA 4 / 4x enclosure

Options include:

  • Revenue grade meter
  • 3 port RS-485 “star” repeater
  • GSM class 12 GPRS cell router
  • 5 port RJ-45 10/100 Base-T Ethernet switch
  • 4 port RJ-45 10/100 Base-T & 2 port 10/100 BaseFX fiber Ethernet switch
  • Options with just a power supply or just a meter
  • Communication only options without the logger

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