Solar Permit Plans

Get a Solar Building Permit

Tandem Solar is pleased to offer Solar Permit Packages through our Design Team to ease the stress on you or your solar contractor. We customize each package your solar installation, including compliance with NEC Regulations and local city codes. Our residential packages start at $400, and can take up to 1-2 weeks to complete, but most initial drafts are completed within 1-2 days. Please contact your sales rep for pricing on ground mount, utility, or commercial permit packages.

This package is not a building permit, you will need to submit this package to your local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) which would normally be the local building department. Many areas accept this submission digitally but some you may have to print and hand deliver. Some AHJ may require structural or electrical engineer stamps which Tandem Solar can provide. If required, those stamps are an additional $300. Please check with your jurisdiction to see if those stamps are required for your project.

See a sample Permit Package or complete the form below to get the process moving!

In addition to filling out the form below, be sure to purchase the residential plans package here.