SW 300 60 cell monoAs the winter thaws away in most of the country, we are seeing the solar market heat up yet again.  One trend that we are seeing early in 2016, continuing what began in late 2015, is a market shift to the higher efficiency/ bankable solar panel products.  Module manufacturers like LG and Solarworld are becoming more desirable as their quality and price points make sense for more customers and installations.

Solarworld recently brought the Solarworld 290W Mono panels to market.  While the sales were good, there were rumors of a Solarworld Sunmodule 300W Mono (33mm frame, 5 busbar) coming soon.  If Solarworld were able to get 300W from their 60 cell footprint, it would be a great success.  Unfortunately, we were not able to confirm.

That is… until now!  We are pleased to announce that we received our first container of the Solarworld 300W Mono panels.  They are currently in stock and available immediately.  That being said, we are selling on a first come, first serve basis, as we cannot guarantee inventory.  This is common when new hot products are released, as it takes a while for supply to ramp up to demand.  However, today, we have them!

Please contact us today to run a quote for you on these, or any other products.

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