Solar battery storage systems are the next big driver in the solar industry. We have seen the first wave come through, with the SolarEdge StorEdge 3.8KW and 7.6KW hybrid inverters along with the Tesla Powerwall or LG Chem batteries. Due to the incredible demand, both Tesla and LG Chem are behind schedule in shipments, creating a major industry-wide shortage. We have heard the LG Chem’s will be available toward the end of the year, while the Tesla is out much longer than that. However, as of this week, we have a solution.
SMA has been long considered the top String Inverter company in the world but have been slow to adapt the newest trends. SolarEdge hit the market with optimizers quite a few years ago, solving the traditional string inverter issues with shading. SMA partnered with Tigo in the last year or so to release their own optimizers, but years later. Now, we see the same thing with the battery storage inverters. However, with the shortages on the other products, this may have worked in their favor.
The new line of SMA Storage Battery inverters are the SBS-3.8-US-10, SBS-5.0-US-10, and SBS-6.0-US-10. The inverters have been engineered to become the interface with the electrical grid and the new line of LG Chem, the LG Chem RESU 10H-C. This battery only works with the SMA new line of inverters, and gives us a solution for battery storage customers that is available today. This is important because many states have incentives for battery storage systems that are devaluing or disappearing, and the new SMA solution will help take advantage of them.
We are very excited about the new release of these products as we become a more grid independent industry. With this new release, inventory is very limited, so act quickly!

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